Financially Confident People Have This in Common

A financial advisor is the key to financial confidence Want to feel financially confident and secure? New research shows that a financial advisor may be the key. You might be thinking, of course! But then are you among the 63 percent of Americans who don’t work with an advisor? Perhaps some common misperceptions are holding you back. The reality is that you may be more ready to work with a financial advisor than you think. Read on to learn what it’s really like to work with an advisor.

Busting common myths about working with a financial advisor

Myth: I need to have my financial life together before I sit down with someone.

Myth busted: False: That’s exactly why you want to work with an advisor. You don’t need to get in shape before you start working with a trainer. A financial advisor can help you no matter where you are on your financial journey. And you may be in a better position than you think.

The whole process is going to be time consuming and complex.

Myth busted: Nope: We do this every day and know what’s most critical to develop an individualized plan for you and what you want to accomplish. With more than 4 million clients, we’ve seen it all. Spending a little time with us can actually make your life easier.

I don’t know what I don’t know, and an advisor may take advantage of me.

Myth busted: False: Good advisors are some of the best educators around, and they’ll teach you while guiding you. At Northwestern Mutual, our advisors first start with what you want and need in your life. Then they’ll build a plan with our award-winning technology, which will chart your path forward. This path can be longer or shorter based on what you want. And they’ll explain all the pieces of the plan so you understand the recommendations and can feel confident in the decisions you’ll make.

I need to be rich for an advisor to work with me.

Myth busted: False: We work with individuals and families just starting out as well as clients who have reached their peak earning years and have complex planning needs. That’s what makes our advisor-matching process unique—we’ll match you with someone who works with people just like you.

Working with a financial advisor is the path to financial confidence

The data is clear: People who are working with a financial advisor feel more confident. At Northwestern Mutual, our advisors can work with you to help you identify your financial goals and build a plan to help you reach them. Your plan will help you balance what you want in the future with your needs today. And Northwestern Mutual financial plans anticipate risks that can pop up along the way. Knowing you’re on track to reach your goals and that you have a plan for things that could go wrong can help you feel more confident not just about the future but also about spending your money on what’s important today

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